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YogaRat Ratmat is very comfortable to use with its soft PVC foam material composition. It is proven durable because it has been tested and certified by the SGS. YogaRat Ratmat is also free of toxic chemicals like latex, rubber, phthalates and harmful plasticizers. Unlike other yoga mat products, YogaRat Ratmat is free from noxious smell. It is definitely a health and an environment friendly yoga mat.

Product Specs

  • Eco-friendly Yoga Mat free of harmful chemicals and toxins (e.g latex, rubber, phthalates, and harmful plasticizers)
  • Super non-slip 24”x68”x1/4” dimensioned yoga mat
  • Free from noxious smell
  • Tested and Certified Durable by SGS
  • Comes with chic non-toxic print designs and colors
  • Made of superior quality materials
  • Light Weight and Easy to Carry and Transport
  • Weighs 4 lbs
  • Soft, thick, and squishy that provides maximum comfort and cushion for the body
  • Reasonably Priced with the jam-packed features


  • Material

The materials used In YogaRat Ratmat is safe and toxin free. Other yoga mats of its price are of inferior quality. This yoga mat is generally made of clean PVC foam free from harmful chemicals like plasticizers and phthalates. It gripping capacity is superior fit for all yoga positions and routines. Its thickness and softness provides comfortable and safe cushion to all body sizes. YogaRat Ratmat has the complete package.

  • Design

Unlike other yoga mats, YogaRat Ratmat comes with unique print designs and colors. Its print is also toxic free. Each color has its own pretty amazing design. You will definitely stand out using YogaRat Ratmat in your yoga sessions.

  • Environment Friendly

Because of its toxic-free material composition, YogaRat Ratmat helps sustain Mother Nature.

  • Price

With all its amazing features, YogaRat Ratmat is a product you will not regret buying. The price you pay is absolutely reasonable for this whole package yoga mat.


Customers complain about the thickness of YogaRat Ratmat. Even though it seems thick when you look at it, it does not provide the padding needed for the body’s safety and comfort in doing various yoga positions. When there’s too much pressure, the mat collapses and it feels like having your body on bare ground. There are also some who says that YogaRat Ratmat is not as non-slip as they say it is.

YogaRat RatMat
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 85%
  • Durability
    Editor: 79%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 80%

Review Summary:

Are you looking for a stylish, comfy, and durable yoga mat? YogaRat Ratmat is definitely what you are looking for. This Yoga mat has various chic and attractive designs. You can choose from a wide array of stylish colors and prints.

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