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Product Features

  • Dimension– The 75-pound Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower measures 80.3 inches in length, 20.1 inches in width, and 25.2 inches in height.
  • Design– Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is built with anodized aluminum type of beam with rectangular tubing support. This magnetic rower comes with a Drug Magnetic Control system and a polyurethane molded saddle.
  • Display– This magnetic rower is equipped with a large LCD display, which shows the user’s workout information including time, stroke per minute, count, distance, pulse, and calories burned.
  • Program– The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower includes 12 programs, six of which are pre-set programs and one manual program.
  • Capacity– Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower can support users up to 275 pounds.



Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is a good addition to your home gym. Now, you don’t have to get out of your house and spend for the same benefits in the gym. With this powerful equipment, you can achieve fitness right inside your home. What makes this great is that you have a flexible time doing your routine. If you have work or any appointment in the morning, then why not try working out at night or early morning? That’s possible with this magnetic rower. You are ensured of a quiet and smooth workout that’s right for a home gym. This Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower gives you an intensive cardio workout without disturbing people around the house.


If your space is an essential factor in getting a workout equipment and most importantly in becoming fit, then Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower could be the right one for you. It features a compact design, something small for its enormous benefits. This magnetic rower is especially designed to fit smaller spaces or homes. This equipment is also a space-saver, meaning it is foldable to half of its original size.


This magnetic rower is not only a treat for its compactness, this is also a good catch for it portability. Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower comes with built-in transportation wheels so you could easily transport it from one place to another, maybe inside your cabinet or storage room, in-between workouts.


If there’s one thing that users would most likely to agree about this equipment is the fact of how much comfort it brings during workout. Who said you cannot blast fat while feeling comfortable? Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower is the best way to revolutionize your fitness routine. This is a great cardio workout. To help you control the resistance, this magnetic rower is designed with a Drum Magnetic Control system. Also, to keep you on track with your exercise, this magnetic rower is also equipped with a reliable LCD monitor. Lastly, a large molded saddle is provided to give you the comfort that you absolutely deserve.


The Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower has also some disadvantages. One thing is that this equipment could be a little pricey. But with all its health and fitness benefits, every penny is surely worth it. Another thing is that this magnetic rower, with its size, might not suit taller people.

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Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower
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  • Rated 4.5 stars
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  • Product Quality
    Editor: 79%
  • Durability
    Editor: 83%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 88%

Review Summary:

If you’re looking for a great equipment for your home gym, then maybe you want to consider this effective calorie burning machine. If you have been to the gym lately, you will agree with me that most of them now include rowers. People would usually flock into this equipment because of its effectivity. Why not have one for your home gym? If you answer “Why not?”, then this review would be helpful for you. Reading through, you will learn how Velocity Fitness Magnetic Rower could be the right equipment for your need.

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