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We beat our bodies hard. We endure harsh environments to improve our bodies. We toil under the heat of the sun to improve our stamina and endurance for us to reach the ribbon at the end of the track and win that ever coveted gold. In that last step, we take the bottle that will eventually quench our thirst.

But then while we are training, we also need to replenish ourselves. Proper hydration is needed for us to optimize our training regimen. Diet and exercise is useless without proper hydration. It is quite a bothersome task to carry around a bottle in your hand. You need your arms to carry your body forward. Sports companies have managed to create numerous hydration systems for all running, jogging and marathon enthusiasts and professional athletes. Here are 7 bestsellers for hydration systems in the market. Buy one now and start training for that marathon!

1. Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt

Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt

If you are thinking of buying a hands-free hydration system that combines sports style and comfort, Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle belt  (full review) is evidently your best choice. It comes in Royal Blue and Pink. This belt has a Control-Stretch waistband which allows for a snug fit. It also has a wide Velcro closure for a secure attachment. These mechanisms prevent the belt from bouncing. The most advantageous thing for this system is probably its single-handed entry and exit. This means that you only need one hand in removing a bottle and then quickly return it onto the holder. This will make hydrating a no-fuss activity. Its thermafoam material is also breathable. This means moisture is removed while the belt keeps you cool. The 4 BPA-free 7 oz bottles are leak proof and dishwasher safe. The belt also has a removable pocket to keep your small essential belongings.

Find out more about Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt (Royal/White, Small) at

2. Platypus Big Zip SL Hands-Free Hydration System

Platypus Big Zip SL Hands-Free Hydration System

If you want to go hands-free, Platypus Big Zip SL Hands-Free Hydration System (full review) offers you this feature. The reservoir or bladder comes in three sizes: 1.8 liters 2.0 liters, and 3.0 liters. The reservoir bags are extremely durable. They can stand temperature extremes and are puncture and abrasion resistant. This is because of its tri-layer laminate film. It also has Platypus’ SlimeGuard antimicrobial treatment that ensures taste-free water. Platypus Big Zip SL has so many features like the SlideLock closure for easy and secure containment, the HyperFlow Bite Valve that delivers fluid fast and a 90 degree shut off valve for easy drinking. Buy it! It’s virtually hands-free.

Find out more about Platypus Big Zip SL 3-Liter Hands-Free Hydration System at

3. Fitletic 12-oz Hydration Belt

Fitletic 12-oz Hydration Belt

Simple yet efficient – these are the two words that best describe this hydration belt (full review on Fitletic 12-oz Hydration Belt). The black creation has available models with different color accents that will make the belt alright for any sport outfit. It has an orange, grey, blue and even green zipper! It can carry 2 bottles that are BPA free and can carry 6 oz or 175 ml of fluid each. It also has a water resistant neoprene pouch for phones and inner pockets for other essentials like cards. The belt also has reflectors that will make it a bit safer to train during the night.

Find out more about Fitletic 12 Oz Hydration Belt, Black/Gray, Small/Medium at

4. Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack with Two 10- Ounce Nutrition Flasks

Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks Review

This waist pack (full review on Nathan Speed 2 Waistpack with Two 10-Ounce Nutrition Flasks) is an intelligent choice for every runner – either professional or for leisure. It has two flasks that can hold up to 10 oz or 300 ml of fluid. The flasks and the stopper themselves come in different colors! The belt closes through a Velcro system which lets it stay on your waist without it bouncing around. The molded holsters will allow you one-handed handling to make it easy for you to maintain your pace. Its elasticized belt even has a moisture-wicking effect, a reflective detail, and a mesh pocket.

Find out more about Nathan Speed 2 Hydration Belt, Grey, Medium at

5. Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt

Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt

Runners have a goal. We don’t really need something else to occupy our mind so we are quite straightforward in our choices. Fuelbelt R20 Revenge (full review) gets us back to the essentials of hydration. The basic belt comes in black, royal blue, arctic blue and pink-silver colors while having two ergonomic, leak proof bottles. These bottles are also dishwasher safe at the same time BPA free. No need to worry about dangerous chemicals. The belt is fully adjustable and elastic which enables you to have a snug fit and prevent bouncing. It has a removable race pocket for your important things such as keys and cash.

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6. Camelbak StoawayTM 100 oz Hydration System

Camelbak StoawayTM 100 oz Hydration System

This 100 oz reservoir (full review on Camelbak StoawayTM 100 oz Hydration System) is a must-buy for athletes in training as well as for fitness enthusiasts. This reservoir has an insulated cover which protects the reservoir efficiently while maintaining the water’s cool temperature. The black bag is so sleek and durable. It also has a large adjustable loop that will enable you to hang or carry it easily. It even has a Bite Valve cover!

Find out more about Camelbak Products StoAway Hydration Packs (Black, 100-Ounce) at

7. Nathan QuickDraw Plus Handheld Bottle

Nathan QuickDraw Plus Handheld Bottle

An amazing feature of this product (full review on Nathan QuickDraw Plus Handheld Bottle) is that it has an easy squeeze Tru-Flex bottle. This would allow you to get water or any liquid out quickly to quench your thirst. It even comes in many colors like pink, tango red, grey and cabaret. The Push-Pull cap is reinforced so that it will ultimately be leak free and soft-sip. Its full adjustable hand strap and thumb holder will give you grip-free running!

Find out more about Nathan QuickDraw Plus Bottle, Gecko Green/Nathan Blue at

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