This Thrive on Wellness Thick Yoga mat is your kind of ultra soft, superior quality mat that offers ultimate cushion experience best for Yoga practice, Pilates, stretch and floor work exercises.

Product features

  • Material: This especially designed yoga mat is made of zero toxic, high dense, non-slip NBR foam that is gentle on joints, has sturdy support for spine, resists moisture and cleans up easily.
  • Accessory: This product comes with an easy on/off elastic strap for convenient storage or traveling.
  • Multi-function use: The Thrive on wellness yoga mat is not only used for yoga practice but also for other fitness regimen like Pilates, stretch and floor work exercises. It can also function well for simple activities kneeling, meditating, sleeping and sitting.
  • Color: This product is available in two classic shades: Blue and Black.
  • Size: This yoga mat’s best feature is it is ½ inch thick and extra long 72” length x 24” width that fits all ages and body types.

The Advantages

The strengths of this yoga mat versus other mat brands in the market are listed below:


You no longer have to stack two or more mats for various work-out options. This mat is recommended not just for yogis but also for fanatics of Pilates and other physical fitness buffs. The Thrive on wellness mat is versatile to meet your family’s multiple needs for a mat.

Special Logo Design

This mat has a special logo design that serves as a mantra and focal point to bring out inspiration, concentration and added balance.


The size of this mat which 72 x 24 x ½ inches is pretty ideal for men and women with different body types, weight, age, and height. It allows wider space for push-ups and planking.

The Disadvantages

The truth is this product has garnered five-star rating from its users that it is quite difficult to find a setback, however, I am citing two here:

Limited color choice

Buyers are only given two choices of color which is blue and black.

Usage limitation

This product is not qualified for power Yoga or insanity practices and must be used with bare feet or yoga socks. Shoes are definitely a no-no.

Needless to say, the Thrive on Wellness Yoga mat is a revolutionary all-in-one power exercise mat that is a worthy investment for everyone who believes that, indeed, health is wealth.

Thrive On Wellness Thick Yoga Mat
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
  • Spectacular

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 81%
  • Durability
    Editor: 85%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 97%

Review Summary:

If you’re a physical fitness star who just loves to work your way back to your sexiest body shape, investing your money on this five-star quality Thrive on wellness thick yoga mat is a smart move.

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