Product Features

  • Size– The Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS perfectly fit bars from 31.8 to 25.4/26.0mm with supplied sleeves.
  • Design– Tec9 Triathlon Aero Bar, made with 061-T6 Alloy, weighs only 475 grams.


Easy installation

The Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS features an easy clip-on installation that you can do just by yourself in a matter of minutes. After that, then you’re ready to go. One special thing about its easy installation feature is its convenient way of detaching the foam pads. Because it is easy to remove, you can clean or wash the pads from the moisture or sweat. With this, you have that extra cool feeling every time you ride on your bike.


This aero bar is designed for people who are thinking of long course triathlon. Since Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS is built lighter in weight, you can now enjoy the greater biking experience on challenging courses like hilly or steep ones without the burden of so much weight from your aero bar.


To endure long triathlon courses, it is very important that your aero bars give you the right comfort that you need. Anyone should keep in mind that in looking for the perfect aero bar, you have to consider that with that gear, you will feel comfortable throughout the distance of the training. Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS comes comfortable for an entry-level aero bar.


Under comfortability is the capacity of your aero bar to be fully adjustable the way you wanted it to be. This bar features adjustable pads, which you can rotate and adjust from side to side. With enough thickness, you will surely love how this Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS will keep you going.

Affordable but solid

Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS is equally functional and efficient with other expensive aero bars. However, what makes this an outstanding piece is its efficiency and functionality at a very affordable price. Expensive aero bar does not mean supreme comfort and function. That is not exactly how it should be. This aero bar, even at a very affordable price, performs with greatness that is for long. Because it is durably built, then you can enjoy your rides on difficult or challenging courses without the weight or fear of easily damaging your aero bars.


The Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS has also some disadvantages. First, this aero bar only works on a straight bar and not on any other bars with bends. Second, this aero bar might not be the ideal set for taller people with longer reach because they will need longer bars with better grips to explore more hand positions and enough maneuverability. Lastly, while the pads are especially adjustable, the fact that it cannot perform a vertical adjustment may produce little problems depending on the position preference of the rider. You may also feel a bit restricted with its smaller pad surface, so you might need pads with wider surface.

Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT Bars
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 76%
  • Durability
    Editor: 80%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 83%

Review Summary:

Let’s continue looking for that perfect aero bar for your type of training. Reading through this review, you will learn how Tec9 Triathlon Aero Time Trial Tri TT BARS has caught the attention of many cyclists or triathletes among the many aero bars in the market in terms of performance and price.

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