Product Features

  • Material– The Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars is made with 6061-T6 aluminum Ski bend extensions and forged brackets.
  • Clamp– Its clamps are designed to fit 26.0 mm and 31.8 mm bars. This gear weighs only 503 grams.
  • Armrest– Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars features F-19 length, width, and rotationally adjustable anatomic armrest. It is also built with J2 Brackets to improve adjustability of its lower arm position.
  • Color– This aero bar is available in Anodized matte black for a sleek look.



This Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars will surely ace the test of adjustability of an aero bar. What’s cool about this gear is that you can adjust the clamps from the armrests separately. It’s all around adjustable features enables its users to adjust the width for a comfortable ride, the length of the bar, the arm rest position, and even rotate or tilt the bar any way you want it. Moreover, since the pads are removable, you can easily detach it and wash it to maintain that clean and flawless look.

Easy installation

The Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars also boasts of its easy installation feature. And so if this will be your first aero bar, then you don’t have to worry on the installation itself. Once you get home after purchasing this bar, you can work on it immediately and take that biking training shortly after you’re done.


The fact that Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars is easy to install also gives meaning to its comfortability. Doing long miles of ride will has never been this comfortable and convenient. Its infinite adjustability provides absolutely comfortable aero positions. Its lightweight feature adds to that great comfort that any rider needs to endure different kinds of courses or tracks. This is an ideal gear for those taller people who have been longing for such a comfortable bars that could cater to its needs in terms of reach or length.  All these benefits you get at a very affordable price. Such a treat!


The Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars has also some disadvantages. First, users have complained of its thinner pads that they could feel the screws beneath them, which could hamper what could be a hassle-free training. However, this could be resolved by placing a soft material beneath the pads. Another is that riders with narrower bars might be troubled since this equipment does not come with shims.

Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 83%
  • Durability
    Editor: 80%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 87%

Review Summary:

Need to buy the best aero bar for you? Here’s the thing. There’s no need to rush. We have recently released reviews on some of the most lauded aero bars in the market. In choosing the right aero bar for you, one of the most basic steps is to look for some review regarding the different available products to help you decide for yourself if which is the most ideal for you. Here is the Profile Design T1+ Clip-On TT Bars that has marked a good standing in terms of price, performance, design, and comfort.

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