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Features and Specifications:

  • Construction and Finish: The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack is made out of welded 2.5 – inch 12 gauge, tubular steel. It has a baked powder coat, glossy paint finish that comes in construction yellow or black. End caps are made of plastic, while its spotter bars and pull-up grips have hard rubber on them.
  • Support: Its square-shaped spotter bars are made of chrome. The frame has 22 numbered holes, each 1 and 1/8 inch in diameter, and spaced 2.5 inches apart. It has the Gravity Lock catches and J-hooks to ensure safety.
  • Dimensions: The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack measures 84 inches in height, 50.8 inches in length, and 66 inches in width. It has an internal footprint of about 25.5 inches (length) x 45 inches (width).
  • Weight and Weight Capacity:  The rack can hold up to 1,000 lbs. of weight. Its chin-up bar and dip bar can each accommodate up to 400 lbs. The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack itself weighs about 207 pounds.
  • Exercise Options: By itself, you can perform a number of exercises such as chin-ups, pull-ups, dips, hanging leg raises and twists, push-ups, and horizontal push-ups. You can increase the range of your workout by purchasing other options such as Powertec’s Utility Bench, lat tower, and Olympic weight bars and plates.
  • Add-on Features: This power rack comes with a chin-up bar and dip bars for free. Its dip bars are 14.5 inches long and 5.75 inches in diameter. They have knurled handles and can be positioned inside or outside the rack. The chin – up/pull – up bar grips are 20 inches (close) and 32 inches (wide) long.


  • Stability: One of first things that you should consider when purchasing a power rack is its construction. The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack uses 12-gauge steel. It is welded together, and at the same time bolts are used at the joint. These two factors alone make this power rack very durable and suitable to accommodate weights up to 1,000 lbs.
  • Support Features: It does a great job in using J-hooks as its safety feature aside from its spotter bar. This allows users to lift out, and put back in weights easily.
  • Freebies: Other racks in the same price range may have only one add-on at no extra cost. Powertec has thrown in both the chin up bar and the dip bars for free.


There are two things that this rack could improve on:

  • The J-hooks should also have rubber as that of the spotter bars. This will ensure less damage on the frame and on the hooks.
  • The spotter holes can be redesigned to be 1-1.5 inches apart. This shall offer users more flexibility.

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Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 85%
  • Durability
    Editor: 86%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 77%

Review Summary:

Purchasing a power rack without trying it out or seeing it first-hand can be very challenging for some folks. This is true because buying a power rack and its add-ons is an investment not just on your money but also on your health. The Powertec Fitness Workbench Power Rack is that long-term, worthwhile investment.

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