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Key Features and Advantages:

  • Body-Mapping™ Ergonomics: To create effective and comfortable movement on their ellipticals, Octane has developed their own system based on intensive research and testing – Body-Mapping™ Ergonomics. All of their ellipticals are evaluated based on the following eight factors: stride length, stride angle/height, stride width/pedal spacing, pedal acceleration, pedal articulation, upper body pivot and range of motion, handlebar path, and lastly, handlebar shape.
  • QuadLink™ Drive: As the result of Octane’s years of research, this front-drive system allows whisper quiet workouts and fluid backward and forward motion for its users. The drive provides 20 levels of fluid resistance. These, complemented with comfortable moving and stationary handlebars and grips would make you say goodbye to those knee and joint pains while working out.
  • Stride Length and Pedal Spacing: The Q35c has a fixed stride length of 20.5 inches, and a low step-up height of only 4 inches from the ground. Its pedals are spaced apart only by 1.8 inches, allowing a natural walking or running movement.
  • Programs: This machine has 8 workout programs in total. It has 4 goal programs (350 calories, 750 calories, 10k and 1/2 marathon), as well as 4 preset resistance programs (manual, random, custom interval, and beginner).  An auto quickstart function allows users to get on the machine and enjoy a quick warm-up or so, without having to press any button.
  • Advanced Workout Programs: Aside from the basic programs that you can find in other ellipticals, Octane takes your workout a notch higher by adding in rigorous workouts such as ArmBlaster, GluteKicker, and X-Mode. ArmBlaster targets the upper body, while GluteKicker focuses on hips, thighs, and glutes. If you’re in X-Mode, it is just like having you very own personal trainer that challenges you to work on 8 goals: fast, squat, lower body only, reverse, slow, lean back, pull-arms, and push-arms.
  • Heart Rate: User heart rate can be monitored via its contact grips on the stationary handlebars.
  • Console: The Q35c has a very user-friendly console that houses the basic and advanced programs. As a safety feature, MOM mode, that disables buttons and movement. It also houses a water bottle holder, MP3 player holder, and a reading rack.
  • Product Specifications: The machine weighs 210 lbs (95 kg), and can hold up users weighing 300 lbs (136kg), at most. It takes up a workout footprint measuring 26” x 76” (26” x 65” when idle).

Buying Considerations:

  • This machine does not come with a cooling fan or speakers. Hence, users may want to use their own headphones and turn up the A/C when necessary.
  • This is not recommended for users who need to monitor their heart rates more accurately as it is not capable of wireless/chest strap monitoring, which is more precise than contact grip monitoring.

Octane Fitness Q35c Elliptical Cross Trainer
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 82%
  • Durability
    Editor: 77%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 72%

Review Summary:

It definitely makes perfect sense to go for an elliptical made by a manufacturer that has dedicated its 36 years in existence to making the best ellipticals ever. Only Octane Fitness has this dedication that is proven by 36 Best Buy awards since 2003 for its “Q” line alone. With its Q35c Elliptical Cross Trainer, Octane brings simple and straightforward, yet high-quality workouts to customers with varying ages and fitness levels.

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