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Product Features

  • J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars are made out of chrome, which gives it a shiny look, and a rust-free finish.
  • Your hands are cushioned by padded grips on both bars.
  • Aside from the padded hand grips, another safety feature that comes with this product is its non-skid feet that prevent the equipment from slipping.
  • You can perform multiple push-up variations as well as dips on J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars.
  • J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars require minimal assembly.
  • It has the following measurements: 9 inches x 17 inches x 3 inches (Weight x Height x Diameter)


Pain-Free Push-ups

One of the reasons why I used to cheat and skip some push-up reps (or skip doing it at all), was because it was just too painful for me to execute. My body isn’t light or agile enough to do the required reps. The J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bar is a wonderful contraption to help you start off with inclined push-ups, one of the easiest to execute. Aside from this, the act of grabbing the bar instead of concentrating your force on your wrists reduces the pain.

Your Travel Buddy

J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars are not that big for you to pack and bring to your next trip. It is also quite easy to assemble and dismantle. So, whether you prefer to take it fully assembled, or not, it is still a worthy travel companion.

Shiny and Sturdy

One of the things that I really like about J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars is that it is made out of chrome. This makes the J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars rust-free and really strong. Although there isn’t any information indicated on what the maximum user weight is for this product, some users weighing as high as 300 lbs. attest to its durability.


A Tad Wobbly Legs

Although the J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars don’t move or slip entirely because of its non-slip feet, the legs do tend to move a little. This doesn’t cause any change in performance, neither does it cause any safety concern on the users’ end. However, it may put scratch marks on your floor.

Vertically Challenged

The height of J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars can be minus factor for some users because it is not adjustable. Some would prefer it higher, while some, lower.

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J/FIT Pro Push-Up Bars
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 90%
  • Durability
    Editor: 92%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 81%

Review Summary:

Now you’re probably thinking why you should buy a push-up bar, when you know that push-ups can be done even without any exercise apparatus at all. While it is true that push-ups can be executed without the use of devices, the real question is: “Are you executing your push-ups properly?” J/Fit Pro Push-Up Bars provide the support you need to do push-ups correctly so that you can reap the benefits of exercising even without going to the gym.

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