If you’re looking for an eco-friendly yoga mat that will surely match your lifestyle, check out this amazing product. A mat for safety and relief, with unparalleled grip and first-rate comfort, this Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat is designed for everyone. What makes it even more special is that for every purchase of mat, JadeYoga pledges to plant a tree. Not only did you improve your health, you have also contributed to better the environment and eventually the health of many.

Product Features

  • Dimension- The 3/16-inch thick Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat comes in 68 and 74 inches in length.
  • Material- The Jade Harmony is made with open-cell, natural rubber and does not consist any PVC or ozone-depleting elements.
  • Cushioning- This mat features its outstanding cushioning with natural rubber as a primary material.
  • Color- This Harmony Yoga Mat is available in different colors: purple, black, midnight, midnight blue, raspberry, olive green, orchid, saffron, Sedona red, slate blue, Tibetan orange



If washing a yoga mat is a big concern for you, worry no more with this easy-wash Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat. With just soap and water, you can hand wash the mat and then hand or lay it flat to dry. Just avoid exposing it to direct sunlight.


The Jade Harmony Professional Yoga Mat is made of natural rubber from rubber trees. Because of this, Jade Harmony is a reliable mat for its distinctive “compression set” resistance and its sensational elasticity. Moreover, with rubber as a key material, expect a unique experience of comfort and performance.


The Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat does not only protect from falling while doing yoga poses, it also keeps you safe from toxic chemicals present in other yoga mats. This mat does not carry any PVC substance or ozone-depleting material. Natural rubbers used to produce these mats are renewable resources obtained from the rubber trees. Aside from that, it has a great grip, which prevents anyone from falling or slipping while doing intensive yoga poses.


The Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat has some disadvantages. Some users complained that this yoga equipment easily wears out. However, this could be prevented by storing the yoga mat inside a yoga bag and avoid placing it in direct contact with the heat. The yoga mat may also release a rubber-like smell once you unroll or unpack the mat. But in most circumstances, this smell easily disappears.

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Jade Harmony Professional 3/16-Inch Yoga Mat
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In the widespread popularity of yoga as a means of relaxing one’s mind and nurturing health and fitness, there is a tight competition in the yoga mat market. There is a long list of yoga mat manufacturers in town. As a yogi, choosing a mat is far different from deciding what your hair should look like. Choosing a mat matters a lot.

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