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Product Features:

  • Resistance: The EX-57 has 8 resistance levels working on eddy current (electromagnetic) brakes. Its flywheel weighs 6.5 kilograms or 14.3 lbs.
  • Programs: This exercise machine comes with goal and terrain combinations that users select. This results to 9 programs that vary in time, distance, or calories (goal selection) and terrain (manual, reverse train, or hills). The EX-57 does not come with power incline settings.
  • Heart Rate: The Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer comes with contact grips that measures its user’s heart rate.
  • Stride Length: This machine has a stride length of 18 inches or 45.7 centimeters.
  • Weight Capacity: The EX-57 can accommodate users weighing up to 125 kg or 275 lbs.
  • Console: This machine comes with an easy-to-read, non-backlit LCD console. It displays the time elapsed, distance, speed, calories burned, and heart rate.
  • Frame: The Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer has a front-drive frame which has a step-on height of 9.5 inches (24 cm). Its pedals are spaced apart by only 2.75 inches or 7 cm to simulate natural walking motion.
  • Dimensions: Once assembled, this piece of equipment weighs 163 lbs (73.9 kg), and has the following measurements (Length x Width x Height): 140 x 74 x 170 (in centimeters) or 55 x 29 x 67 inches.
  • Add-on: The EX-57 also comes with a water bottle holder.


  • Price: As an entry-level elliptical, the Horizon Fitness EX-57 trainer is priced quite affordably. First-time exercise machine owners would best benefit from this price and its basic, yet useful performance features.
  • Size: The EX-57 is quite smaller and shorter compared to other machines. This is definitely an advantage for users who have a smaller exercise space.
  • Low-Impact, Great Results: Working out on an elliptical is one of the most popular and practical ways of losing weight and/or performing cardiovascular exercises. This is because it doesn’t cause knee or joint injuries from running or aerobics classes. This type of workout is great for all ages and fitness levels.


  • If you are closely monitoring your heart rate while exercising, it is highly recommended to purchase a strap-on heart rate monitor, instead of relying on the data provided by the contact grips, as it has been consistently proven that heart rates are more accurate when measured using the former.
  • A consistent piece of feedback from some of the EX-57 users is that it persistently makes a squeaking sound.
  • The console would have been better if it were backlit, as lighting conditions in exercise areas vary. Adding a fan on the console would be a plus, as well, but given its price-range, it is quite forgivable for this machine to not have a fan.

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Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 81%
  • Durability
    Editor: 74%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 79%

Review Summary:

Enjoy losing weight without any injury to your knees and joints by getting on the Horizon Fitness EX-57 Elliptical Trainer. This exercise machine provides a low-impact workout that can be customized to your preferred settings at an affordable price. Why should you wait in line to get on an elliptical, when you can have one at the comfort of your own home?

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