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It is specifically design for yogis who are constantly travelling or are always on the move. They can easily be folded convenient for travelling. Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat is made of superior high quality materials for durability and gripping excellence. It is water absorbent perfect for hot and extreme yoga workouts. It can easily be placed on top of your regular yoga mat to enjoy a comfortable, safe, absorbent, and non slip yoga session. It is made of high end materials like microfiber and natural rubber. It is also dual sided suited for any purpose you have in mind. Gaiam Travel Yoga Mats is definitely a great deal.

Product Specs

  • Has a 68”x24”x1/6” product dimension
  • Made or high end microfiber and natural rubber excellent for gripping
  • Ultra light weight and compactable designed for travel
  • Water absorbent perfect for hot and extreme yoga routines
  • Non-slip double sided surface
  • Easy to wash using washing machine
  • Can be used as yoga mat on the other side and yoga towel in the other
  • Weighs 2 lbs
  • Comes with attractive color choices
  • Easy to carry and fold


  • Materials

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mats are made of high end natural rubber and microfiber. Their material composition provides excellent gripping and non-slip capacity. Aside from other yoga mats made of plastic, this yoga mat brand is very durable and eco-friendly. It is made of sustainable materials and free of harmful chemicals. Even though it is made of rubber, it doesn’t have a rubbery and noxious smell. Lastly, quality wise, Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat is top notch.

  • Double Sided

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mats have two useful sides. The other side a super absorbent yoga towel made of microfiber. It is suited for hot and extreme yoga workouts. It can absorb moisture two to five times faster than other yoga towels. The other side is made of natural fiber which excellently provides extra grip if places in top of your regular yoga mat. Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat is a must have for travelling yogis.


Because this yoga mat is designed for yogis on the move, Gaiam Travel Yoga Mat is too thin that it does not absorb too much moisture that they say it can. This yoga mat is not properly suited for very hot yoga. It can only suffice mild to moderate yoga routines.

Gaiam Travel Yoga Mats
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 74%
  • Durability
    Editor: 69%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 80%

Review Summary:

Gaiam travel yoga mats, as the name indicates, are your fitness buddies in travelling. This yoga mat is light weight and highly compactable.

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