Gaiam Yoga Mats is not new to yoga. Through time, it has become a trusted brand of health and life. Aside from aiming to promote healthy lifestyle, Gaiam offers natural, eco-living, and healthy products. Show your fashionable and cheerful side with these Gaiam Print Yoga Mats.

Product Features

  • Dimension- The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat measures 68-inch L x 24-inch W x 3mm H, just right for home or studio yoga sessions.
  • Thickness- This lightweight mat is 3mm thick which perfectly cushions your body to improve proper alignment and maintain poses.
  • Material- It is made of Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) free from six of the most harmful phthalates- DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP.
  • Design- The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat comes in a long list of different prints. You can choose from exquisite prints like Tree of Life, Tree of Wisdom, Flower of Life, Maya, Prosperity, Chakra, etc.
  • Surface- This mat has a super grip texture for non-slip performance. The non-slip surface of the yoga mat enables stability, comfort and safety for your yoga practice.



These latex-free mats only speak of your health or wellness especially with some yoga positions requiring you to lie down closer to the mat. The Gaiam Print Yoga Mat is free from the most harmful phthalates including DEHP, DBP, BBP, DINP, DIDP, and DNOP.


The 3mm thickness of the mat cushions your body perfect to keep your balance. Its non-slip surface promotes stability keeping the mat from sliding for you to hold your poses.

Aesthetically motivating

Yoga is about being fit and finding peace. The delicate designs give off pleasing sensory effect. Its graceful designs promote focus and tranquility boosting your motivation. The designs are aesthetically appealing that it soothes yourself thus helping you meditate and reduce stress.


Yoga as an effective method to reduce stress, to get fit, to stay healthy, and to achieve peace, it should not be expensive. With Gaiam Print Yoga Mat at an affordable price without sacrificing its high quality, you will receive the exact same benefits of yoga.


The reviews of other users regarding its durability are outstanding. The Gaiam Print Yoga Mats, through its super grip texture, do not stretch out while practicing yoga. And with proper handling of the yoga mat, expect the design and the mat itself to last longer.


The Gaiam Print Yoga Mats have some disadvantages. Other complained that designs fade and brittle. This could be avoided by not exposing the mat to the sun for a long period of time. Just like any other mats, this mat releases a smell when first unwrapped. However, it vanishes right away leaving a very slight odor that can be smelled when lie very closely to the mat. To avoid these difficulties, it is highly recommended to air-out the mat 2-3 days before use and store it in a yoga mat bag when not in use.

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Gaiam Print Yoga Mats (3mm)
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Review Summary:

Practicing yoga makes you fit and gives you inner peace. It is fascinating that with just a small peaceful space and yoga mat, you can enjoy the benefits and wonders of yoga. One exciting part about doing yoga is choosing your own personal yoga mat. Yoga mats are not the same; they vary according to your priorities.

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