Product Features

  • Dimension– The Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt is available in different sizes: Small (27”- 29”), Medium (30”- 32”), Large (33”- 35”), and Extra-Large (36”- 38”). What makes this belt extra-special is its One Size Fits All (OS) feature, which measures 24” – 44”.
  • Design– This hydration belt is made with breathable Thermafoam padding, while the holster system is primarily made of plastic. The stretchable waistband is secured through its Velcro closure.
  • Pocket– The Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt is also designed with removable storage pocket where you can store in your essentials like keys, cash, phones, and ID.
  • Bottles– Fuelbelt is equipped with 4 7 oz BPA- free and dishwasher safe bottles.
  • Color– Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt has different colors that you can choose from like Black, Atlantic Breeze (Royal/ White), and Dragon fruit (White/ Pink).



The primary purpose of any hydration belt is to provide endurance in the long runs or strenuous trainings by giving maximum comfort. The Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt prevents moisture around your waist or hips through its breathable thermafoam padding, which at the same time gives you that cooling effect. This belt also boasts its bounce-free features, keeping the entire belt hands-free. On top of these, Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt has been made powerful through its holster design that allows easy entry and exit of the water bottles.


What makes Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt an unparalleled exercise equipment is its ability to adjust to different body types. While this belt is available in various sizes, there is also a one size that actually fits all. This is a safe choice for those who are not sure as to what belt size perfectly works for them. Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt can be placed on or above your hips. Additionally, this extraordinary belt is made better with its elastic waistband for some necessary adjustments.


Going around the neighborhood or along the track will never be the same with Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt’s rich and attractive colors making your run a total winner in health and in style. Since this belt is available in different colors, you can easily choose one that will truly match your personality. Moreover, this stylish belt improves posture through its lightweight design. This means no more slouching during the run.


This Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt is an ideal gear for those who are running full marathon. With its fast and convenient slip in and out of water bottle, expect to have a maximum running performance. The 4 7 oz water bottles will surely hydrate you in the course of your training or run.


Notwithstanding its remarkable features and advantages, Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt has a minimal disadvantage, which might be a great factor for some. The Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt only features a small and limited storage pocket, which does not fit phones similar to the size of iPhone 5.

Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4.5 stars
  • Outstanding

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 82%
  • Durability
    Editor: 77%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 85%

Review Summary:

Choosing the right hydration belt for runners to keep hydrated throughout the training or marathon is equally important with accomplishing your goal. Realizing the significance of the appropriate belt according to your need leads to this review about Fuelbelt Revenge 4 Bottle Belt. Reading through this article, you will understand why this hydration belt has been a top choice for many in terms of its functionality and design.

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