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Product Features

  • Dimension– Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt comes in five different sizes: Small (27” to 29”), Medium (30” to 32”), Large (33” to 35”), Extra large (36” to 38”), and a One size fits all (24” to 44”) that works well to those who are not sure about their sizes or preference.
  • Design– This hydration belt is made with adjustable waistband that is secured with Velcro closure. It also comes with a breathable Thermafoam padding and plastic molded-holster system.
  • Pocket– It also provides ample space for your keys, credit cards, phones and some cash with its removable storage pocket.
  • Bottles– The Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt also features two 7- oz BPA-free, leak proof, dishwasher safe water bottles.
  • Color– You can pick out your own choice of color from Black, Royal Blue, Arctic Blue, and Pink/ Silver.



Aside from their own strength, people engaged in long runs or marathon also need the power of exercise equipments to help them endure the entire run. Since this form of exercise may involve purchasing workout materials, it is necessary that you choose the perfect one for you. One important factor to consider in choosing your hydration belt is its adjustability. This factor has become more significant especially to those who are not certain as to what size works well for them. First, Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt features an adjustable waistband to attain that no-bounce fit. Moreover, Fuelbelt R2O Revenge offers a One size fits all that would surely fit anyone.


Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt is an equipment designed to provide its users maximum comfort. From the moment you receive your hydration belt, then starts Fuelbelt’s powers. The water bottles are ergonomically designed to your waist. The lightweight designed bottles are also easy to wash. Get moisture-free or sweat-free waist with Fuelbelt R2O Revenge’s breathable Thermafoam padding. Among others, the holder system design allows single hand entry and exit. Among others, the new silicone push-pull P2 bottle cap makes your water drinking more convenient.


The primary purpose of a hydration belt is to provide enough supply of water for you to endure the challenging run. Finishing the track becomes only possible when you are fully hydrated all throughout. Good thing that Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt comes in two 7-oz hydration bottle to keep you going.


Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt is also fashionably design that will add vibrancy to your sporty look. You can choose any from colors pink/ silver, black, royal blue, and arctic blue. Furthermore, the storage pocket prevents you from looking loaded with all your essentials. With this pocket, you can safely store your things with you.


The Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt has also some disadvantages. While this hydration belt does an excellent job in hydrating its users, however, those who run farther may need more. This means that the 14-oz water from these two bottles may not be enough for them. So, larger bottles are needed. Second, the storage pockets are relatively small. Some model of phones may not fit the pocket along with other essentials. Lastly, while the chance of experiencing this is very minimal, since this concern has been raised by some users, then maybe it is worth mentioning. This belt may loosen while running. However, this can be solved by being accurate to your size and by following the instructions on how and where to securely place the belt.

Fuelbelt R2O Revenge Hydration Belt
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    Editor: 81%
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    Editor: 83%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 79%

Review Summary:

Hydration belt has been a big hit to running enthusiasts. From just plain hydration, these belts have evolved to different designs with various features. In the market, hydration belt addresses to the different needs of runners, from hydration to storage. Other people are also concerned with their belt’s style as much as its functionality. One big name in this field is Fuelbelt. As you read through this review, you will learn why Fuelbelt R2O is a top choice for style and efficiency.

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