Product Features

  • The Forza F-2 Trainer simulates road or trail conditions through magnetic resistance.
  • It has a steel body, a durable plastic magnetic resistance chamber, and a metal roller.
  • The F-2 Trainer is designed for quick-release axles.
  • It accommodates most wheel sizes used by adult cyclers.
  • Assembly and storage is easy, since the unit is foldable.
  • The Forza F-2 Trainer weighs about 7 kilograms or 15.43 lbs.
  • Its product dimensions are: 10 inches (Height) by 24 inches (Length) by 18 inches (Width).


Affordable Fitness Alternative

There are a lot of creative, affordable alternatives to staying fit. An example would be, attaching the Forza F-2 Trainer to your bike, since it is typically stored in the garage during winter. Then, you don’t have to shell out extra bucks to buy an expensive, gym-quality indoor bike. Just take out the resistance levels, and you have a bike that you can use as a spinner.

Easy Does It

The Forza F-2 Trainer is really very easy to assemble, as it was designed with a quick-release axle in mind. You can also easily purchase axle adapters for the bolt-type axles. Most importantly, because it takes up very small space, and is foldable, storage is a breeze.


Those Noisy Mag Trainers

One of the drawbacks to affordable magnetic indoor bike trainers is that they usually are noisier than their more expensive counterparts. If you have noisy neighbors, like I do, the whirring noise produced by the Forza F-2 Trainer is perfect for drowning the noise out. However, in most cases, the noise produced by the unit is more of a curse than a blessing. You’ll need to crank up the volume of your music player or TV to zone out. Also, if your bike has thicker wheels, the F-2 makes knobby sounds because of how it fits on the frame and roller.

Almost No Resistance

There are two groups of people who use indoor trainers a lot. The first is the group that takes the word “trainer” to heart, as they use the product to prepare for competitions. They also take their trainers with them and warm up or cool down before and after cycling competitions. The second group of people prefer to use the product as indoor stationary bikes, for fitness purposes. Each group has various resistance level requirements. The Forza F-2 Trainer is an okay piece of equipment for warm-up and cooling down purposes, as well as for basic fitness purposes only. Why is that? Well, the unit does not provide much resistance, which is required to genuinely simulate road and trail conditions.

Forza F-2 Trainer
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 79%
  • Durability
    Editor: 76%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 87%

Review Summary:

Do you need to stay fit but can’t take your bike outside because it’s too cold? Then, the Forza F-2 Trainer is an easy, durable, and cost-effective solution to the winter biker blues. Sunlite’s indoor, stationary bike trainer, is but one of the many testimonials to Sunlite’s brand commitment of providing its customers with products designed with functionality, durability, and value, in mind.

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