Product Features

  • Resistance Levels: The machine comes with 8 levels of magnetic tension resistance. Adjustment can be done at the turn of  knob
  • Weigh Capacity: It can handle up to 325 pounds, without feeling any damage.
  • Dimensions:  The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse weighs about 76 lbs. It has the following measurements: 54 x 23 x 63 (Length x Width x Height, in inches).
  • Console/Display: The Exerpeutic 1000Xl has a large LCD display window which indicates calories burned, distance, speed, time, and heart rate monitoring. The console is AA battery powered and cannot be plugged in.

Body Features:

  1. Dual Direction Flywheel – The flywheel allows for front or back pedaling for variation in workouts.
  2. Pedal Design – Its large, ribbed pedal design prevents your foot from slipping when exercising.
  3. Workout arms and 13-inch stride length
  4. Front Transportation Wheels – This feature makes moving the machine from one room to another, easy.


Affordability and Simplicity

Who needs a machine with a lot of built-in exercise programs, when you can just get on that machine, and actually start exercising versus figuring out which program is for you? If you are that type of person who wants a simple, straightforward, and at the same time, less-expensive exercise machine, then the Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse, is perfect for you.

A Mobile Machine

I love that fact that this machine comes with front transportation wheels. It makes it so much easier to move it around, when you need to. This definitely beats dragging it along, from one room to another.


Hellish Assembly

A major disadvantage to the Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse is that it is extremely difficult and time-consuming to assemble. The instructions are quite difficult to follow, and some nuts and screws can be of poor quality.

Lube it up!

Regular maintenance is in order for the Exerpeutic 1000Xl, especially if you use it often. You may have some moving parts tighten up when you’re working with higher tension resistance levels. It definitely pays to keep a can of lubricant in stock for when this happens, which can be often.

Inaccurate Readings

Nope, this is not a visit to your local psychic.

True to the nature of exercise machine monitors that get their readings from your grip, this machine is quite incapable of giving accurate heart rates and calories burned. The inaccuracy becomes quite blatant because of the fact that the monitor runs on AA batteries.


I think that the biggest problem that this machine has is the fact that it doesn’t have a cup or water bottle holder. You’d have to get off the machine to grab a drink. This is so inconvenient, especially during long workout periods.

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Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 3.5 stars
  • Very Good

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 76%
  • Durability
    Editor: 79%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 82%

Review Summary:

The Exerpeutic 1000Xl Heavy Duty Magnetic Ellipticals with Pulse is an entry-level and less expensive exercise machine. This is a great piece of equipment for folks who are looking for simple workouts at the comfort of their own home, and are on a tight budget.

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