Also, it’s 72 inch extra long, capable for any type for body size. Is it eco-friendly? Why, of course! Harmful toxins are not included, unlike other mats. Above Edge Premium 5mm Thick Yoga Mat is specially designed for you to use – and abuse – and will never deteriorate for years. In addition, it comes with a carry case!

Product Specs

  • 5mm thick mat – no need to worry about joint pains.
  • 24 inch wide and 72 inch long, perfect for any type of exercise and any type of user.
  • Nature and user-friendly. Does not release any harmful toxins such as phthalates, latex, and heavy metal.
  • Very durable, lasts for years.
  • Non-slip material, no need to worry about slippage accidents.
  • Very portable, easy-storage. It comes with a carry case for you to bring anywhere!


  • Perfect amount of cushioning

It’s 5mm thickness provides maximum comfort during the exercise. You can use it anywhere, especially on hardwood floors.

  • Its extra long mat provides proper space

The last thing you want to notice when you’re exercising or doing your yoga poses is worrying there would not be enough space for you. Good thing Above Edge Premium 5mm Thick Yoga Mat gives you enough place to move on.

  • Nature and user friendly

These might be the best feature, because you don’t want to expose yourself to Phthalates, which is a harmful toxin that when a person is exposed to it, can cause sickness and diseases. Example of these are endocrine disruption, obesity, diabetes, as well as allergies.

  • Non-slip material makes things very easy

There is no problem if you’re a sweaty kind of person, this mat doesn’t make you slip on your own perspiration! Its non-slick material ensures you complete comfort.

  • Easy-storage and super portable

Its carrying case doubles as a storage and has a carry strap, so it make things easy even for a lazy person.


  • Odor at first unpacking

Users complain that it releases an acrid smell at the first unpacking of the product, so make sure to hang it first and the odor will go away after 1 week max, after that no problem anymore!

Above Edge Premium 5mm Thick Yoga Mat
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 75%
  • Durability
    Editor: 71%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 80%

Review Summary:

With 5mm thick foam, this mat is perfect for all your needs. It has the perfect density to cushion your elbows, spine, hips, and knees when using it on a hard surface, also avoiding injuries during your workout session.

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