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Product Features

  • Dimension– The Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench measures 50” in length, 26 ½ inches in width, and 41 inches in height.
  • Design– Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench features four adjustable positions. Beneath the bench are storage hooks where the user can rest his or her dumbbells. Both the handgrips and bars are padded with foams.
  • Weight capacity– The Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench can support anyone up to 250 pounds.



Achieve fitness at the comfort of your home. The Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench is only 25 pounds giving you the control of where you want to do your workout. Because of its lightweight features, you can easily move it from one place or another.

Easy to use

Aside from its lightweight and portable features, this Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench is very easy to install and easy to use. With the help of a clear instruction provided along with product, assembly and use are very accessible terms. Since its design is especially made for everyone, expect that any member of your family will immediately learn on how to use this product after a very short time of installation. This product is just at its best!


While this bench is a lightweight at 25 pounds, this does not mean that Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench does less of the supposed work. This bench can support users up to 250 pounds, an absolutely strong and sturdy fitness bench. Another thing is that you are completely ensured of a stable performance, especially during leg raises and dumbbell presses.


The Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench is a very versatile exercise equipment. It features four adjustable positions from flat to upright and from decline to incline. Nothing beats how much exercise you can perform using this bench. You can lift weights, which you can conveniently place in the dumbbell storage hooks. Among many workouts, you can perform dumbbell presses, shoulder presses, bicep curls, and chest flies. The bench is also equipped with padded handgrips and bars to promote comfort while doing the routine.


The Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench has also some disadvantages. First, this bar is not perfectly designed for taller people. If your height exceeds 6 feet, then you might have problem doing your workouts using this bench. Another thing is that while this bench is built strong and sturdy, extremely heavy weights are not advisable to be performed on this bench. This is to ensure durability and safety on your part.

Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench
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  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 71%
  • Durability
    Editor: 84%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 79%

Review Summary:

Revolutionize your workout routine by adding a little kick in your home gym. With the help of a fitness bench, you can add more difficulty and consistency to your fitness program. Save money and exercise at your own comfort by working out inside your home. Well, here’s Cap Barbell Fitness FID Bench, which may be a good addition to your home fitness program or gym.

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