Key Features and Advantages:

  • SpiraFlex® Technology: The Bowflex Revolution Home Gym relies on its lightweight interlocking plates, powered by the tightening of heavy-gauge elastic straps around a pivot coil. This provides smooth and consistent resistance that replicates the effects of training on free weights or other gym machines facilitating strength and weight training. The Bowflex Revolution specifically offers users up to 220 lbs. (100 kilograms) of resistance for upper body workouts, and up to 600 lbs. (272 kilograms) for lower body workouts. Upgrades are available for people who have higher weight requirements.
  • Freedom Arms™: Bowflex describes this feature as “unique variable independent pulleys” that have 10 various settings and can be adjusted to a 170-degree angle. As the Bowflex revolution has multiple cable and pulley positions, it allows users to vary direction and angles needed to target specific muscles, and provide exercise variations.
  • Stations/Attachments: The Bowflex Revolution comes with a leg press station, preacher curl attachment, vertical bench press, and provisions for leg extensions and aerobic rowing.
  • Five-way Hand Grip/Ankle Cuffs: This home gym’s hand grips are flexible enough to act as a regular grip, a non-grip cuff, an ankle cuff, a foot cuff, or a shoulder cuff.
  • Foldable: This exercise equipment can be folded into a 55” x 38” unit, and takes up a footprint of only 4 feet 7 inches x 3 feet 2 inches when folded.
  • Manual/Fitness Guide: The package comes with a workout DVD, and detailed instructions.

Consider These First Before Buying:

  • Product Dimensions: The Bowflex Revolution is 185 cm. (6 feet, 1 inch) in height. Its length measures 284 cm. (9 feet, 4 inches), and it is 97 cm. (3 feet, 2 inches) wide. It weighs 336 lbs. or 153 kilograms.
  • Maximum User Weight: This home gym can accommodate users weighing up to 300 pounds or 136 kg.
  • Workout Area: This machine takes up 305 x 214 centimeters of space. This is translated to 4 feet, 7 inches x 3 feet, 2 inches of workout space.
  • Assembly: Although the unit comes with full, detailed instructions, it is still highly recommended for new users to either purchase in-home assembly provided by dealers, or seek the help of DIY-savvy friends and/or family members. Setting up the Bowflex Revolution does take a lot of time and energy.

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Bowflex Revolution Home Gym (Refurbished)
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 86%
  • Durability
    Editor: 79%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 76%

Review Summary:

Utilizing patented technologies and trademark components such as SpiraFlex® and Freedom Arms™, the Bowflex Revolution Home Gym delivers on its promise of smooth and consistent, gym-quality resistance. As you perform over 100 exercises with up to 400 variations, you will certainly feel as if you were really working out in a gym on free weights or plates.

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