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Key Features:

  • Has a 210 lb Iron Weight Stacks selectorized by 10 lb-plates
  • Complete with a Pec Station, Press Arm, Leg Developer, High, Mid and Low Pulleys
  • Body is made of heavy duty steel and requires no cable changes before/during/after use
  • Comes with DuraFirm pads
  • A Full Size Workout Poster is also given for easy referencing
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty on all parts
  • Awarded as Consumer Magazine’s Best Buy home Gym

Key Benefits:

  • Versatile: gives you the ability to perform most, if not all of the exercises in your routine that requires equipment
  • Easy to use: Iron weight stack is selectorized by 10 lbs up to a maximum of 210 lbs; also comes with a Full Size Workout Poster for easy referencing both for beginners and professionals alike.
  • Easy to maintain: the home gym is coated with a tough Powder Coat Finish that is resistant to damage and is easy to clean with wiping alone
  • Sturdy and Stable: main frame and most of its other parts is made of heavy duty 2 in by 4 in 12-gauge high tensile strength steel.
  • Warranted – this equipment comes with a lifetime warranty for all its parts

All across the globe, families with middle to high income have homes with a home gym. Recently, this has been becoming a trend among educated people who work for long hours: considering their health as well as their monetary needs but do not have the time to go to a gym, thus the need for a home gym.

Body-Solid is already an established name among the manufacturers of gym equipment around the world. The equipment they build is strong, stable and always worth the space it occupies. The same applies to its Strengthtech EXM2500S Home Gym. Made with heavy duty 2” by 4” 12-gauge steel with high tensile strength, it comes with most of the equipment that you need to get yourself a full body workout. In addition to that, it also comes with a Full Body Workout Poster which can help beginners develop good workout habits. However, it lacks a cardio station which is very essential to any workout routine which may be circumvented by performing simple aerobic exercises.

Body-Solid’s StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym was awarded as the Best Buy Home Gym by Consumer Magazine and is highly recommended as your first choice for a home gym.

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Body-Solid StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 5 stars
  • Spectacular

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 91%
  • Durability
    Editor: 84%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 94%

Review Summary:

Are you considering building a personal gym where you can workout within the comforts of your home? Make StrengthTech EXM2500S Home Gym by Body Solid your first choice! It comes complete with equipment that helps you perform a full-body workout satisfying craving for that pleasurable strain in your muscles. Measuring a meager 83 in by 51 in by 83 in, it is guaranteed to more than make up for the space it occupies with all the stuff you will be able to do with it. What’s more is that it has a lifetime warranty for all its parts!

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