Product Features

  • Dimension– The Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym measures 39 inches in width, 52 inches in depth, and 80 inches in height.
  • Stations– This total body gym comes with dual function press arm, high and low pulley stations, adjustable preacher curl bicep pad, and leg developer
  • Weight resistance– Aside from the total body workout, it also features a 200 pound vinyl coated weight stack.
  • Warranty– This home gym equipment is backed by manufacturer’s 2 year limited warranty.



Since home gym was invented, we have started associating home gym with its space-saving features. But believe it or not, there are still home gym equipments that I doubt were really made for home. Big homes, maybe. Good thing this Adidas Home Gym is a unit truly made for any home (or room). Its overall dimension only measures 39 inches wide, 52 inches in depth, and 80 inches tall. With these figures, I am pretty sure you’ll find a little space in your room for this unit with giant benefits.


To help you accomplish your fitness goals, this workout equipment is designed with padded seat and back as well as oversized foam roller pads to make you feel comfortable while performing different exercises especially in long duration workouts.


When purchasing a home gym, the least you want is an unstable equipment with faulty parts. But with this Adidas home gym, you are assured of a safe workout because of its heavy duty features. This unit is built with a 14 gauge steel tube frame. The weight stack is also designed with solid steel protective covers. The cables used in the equipment are rated at 2,000 lb tensile strength and finished with durable powder coat. The two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty is also a bonus to ensure maximum performance of your machine.


Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym is a great tool for people who want to burn calories and increase lean muscle mass right in the convenience of their homes. One great thing about having a home gym is you can listen to music or watch a good movie while doing your exercise. This home gym equipment offers more than 30 strength exercises for a total body workout. The dual function press arm allows you to perform chest pressing and pec fly exercises. Aside from the press arm, it likewise offers high and low pulley stations, total leg developer, and an adjustable preacher curl bicep pad. Moreover, because this machine is powered by cables and pulleys connected to the 200 pound weight stack, you do not need to waste time loading and unloading stacks.


The Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym also has some disadvantages. First, there is a tendency that the stacks get stuck at the top of the weight assembly. Also, because there is no gauge to determine resistance or weight, you do not know how much weight you are using.

Adidas 200 Pound Stack Home Gym
  • Editor Rating

  • Rated 4 stars
  • Excellent

  • Product Quality
    Editor: 78%
  • Durability
    Editor: 73%
  • Value for Money
    Editor: 84%

Review Summary:

Get fit and get done without hitting the crowded and expensive gym with your own stack home gym that promotes total body fitness in the convenience of your home. This Adidas Home Gym is built with comfort, stability and efficiency that is extremely space-saving.

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